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Hi, you are now reach my homepage. This site is probably a little bit static but feel free to see around. My complete name is Bambang Purnomosidi Dwi Putranto. It's a quite long name just as any other Javanese people's name. In my office, people usually call me Bambang although I may also have any other aliases. Sometimes (and almost everytime on the Internet), I myself and other people write my name simply as bpdp or BPDP (though I prefer bpdp - hence the website name) as a shorthand for my quite long name. I use this site for my own project and everything related to my job as a lecturer and researcher at STMIK AKAKOM Yogyakarta. If you want to see a more dynamic update from me, you may see my social networks page.

My research interests are somewhat related to Software Engineering and Web Science. Other fields whch usually take my attention are Knowledge Management, Programming Languages, Operating System, Distributed System, Digital Libraries, Enterprise Information System, Organizational Behaviour, Organization Aspect of Information System, Community of Practice, and everything in between.

I am a happy user of Arch Linux, so it should be understood that I usually use Linux and/or *BSD for my daily activities. I am also a long time evangelist of free / open source software. Not like many others, I am more interested in free / open source software because of their quality, not because they are "free" (as in free beer). I also love the geek and hacker culture (the term which usually misunderstood by too many people) which rooted from academic tradition in hacker history.

Curriculum Vitae

My CV is available upon request


I maintain my FOAF file in application/rdf+xmld mime type. Here you go: bpdp.rdf (downloaded 346 time).

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